Project´s Vision

CANNAMÉRICA, is a sassy comedy where an absurd and shameless humor is all around. Our proposal is to mix it up with some elements of the American “stoner comedy” with expressions of the Latin comedy and “albur” (double meaning).

The visual treatment is modern, the use of the last technology in cinematography that speaks with images more than words. The film will have continuous use of camera movements and speed changes giving an innovative look. Slow motion will emphasize history moments and the mood of the “stoners time”. The woozy rhythm, constant details and expressions will make the audience laugh non-stop.

The picture will be shoot using vivid colors, conceived by filters in lenses and lights. The image will be bright as silk and our color base are strong reds, yellow and of course all types of greens. We will try to emphasize the two colorful cities where the film occurs.

For the editing the jump cuts and ellipsis will evoke the fast reactions nowadays and will establish a video clip rhythm.

The project will have outrageous acting’s in the Almodovar and Coen types. And an absurd vision like Buñuel has on human relations. The structure has an ironic tone but tender on friendship, sensuality and above all adulthood, where all develops surprise after surprise like a domino effect.

The soundtrack will be done with Latin America’s greatest stoners songs, a genre that has never been compiled by anyone before.

Being the action develop in an international contest the project is set to have different countries coproduction as well as great marketing cast in the Spanish speaking and involved territories to release the film.

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